By Jo Boaler

The Book

Update: Chapters 3-5 have been updated!

This is a site dedicated to the unpacking of Jo Boaler's new book MATH-ish. I will be hosting a virtual book study for educators where we dive into each chapter to discuss the key takeaways and themes. We will analyze the implications Boaler's ideas have on mathematics instruction and how these ideas can be put into practical use in the classroom. I hope you will join us. You can find the link to register below. Many of the resources shared come from the book and from Boaler's website: Make sure to check it out!

Mathematics is a fundamental part of life, and for many of us, our school and life experiences shape our relationship with math, either positive or negative. Boaler shares neuroscientific research on how embracing the concept of "math-ish", we can change the way we think about mathematics, data, and ourselves. Math-ish offers seven principles that can transform our relationship with the subject.

7 Principles

Virtual Book Study

The first book study on MATH-ish will be composed of three sessions and held on May 15th, May 29th, and June 12th from 7:30PM EST - 8:30PM EST. 

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